This page contains useful information to familiarise yourself with the airfield and to operate it safely.
Reading this content is compulsory in order to request permission to land and take off from the manager of the Calatabiano airfield.


We have identified two entrance/exit gates from the airport traffic area located one to the north-east of the field, on the vertical of the mouth of the Alcantara river, named NOVEMBER ECHO and one to the south, on the vertical of a disused paper mill, named SIERRA.

The coordinates of these points are:

  • NOVEMBER ECHO: N 37° 48’ 26” E 015° 15’ 26”
  • SIERRA: N 37° 46’ 46” E 015° 13’ 41”

These points are easy to spot and we encourage you to use them for an orderly entry into the circuit, especially during heavy traffic.
We would like to remind you that the downwind is to the east of the field, so it will be standard for 21 and right for 03, and to call CALATABIANO RADIO on 130.00.

We are waiting for you and will be there to welcome you warmly.

Runway threshold 03

Runway threshold 21


Airfield map