Calatabiano Airfield: Gateway to Sicily and Europe.

There were no airfields in this area.
Some friends, pilots and flying enthusiasts have decided give life to Calatabiano Airfield, they built it in the 80s. At the beginning the runway was very rudimentary, but over the years the various improvements have made it possible. that it also obtained, in a short time, the prestigious recognition of ENAC.

The Calatabiano airfield is on the border between the provinces of Catania and Messina. From this important crossroads it is possible, in a few minutes of flight, to reach the summit of Etna and the Catania and Messina coasts and enjoy breathtaking views typical of beautiful Sicily. In addition, the A18 motorway is not far away, making it easy to access the airfield.

Due to its strategic position, and for being the first landing point for those coming from the north and is directed towards the Mediterranean and then to the African continent, Calatabiano’s airfield is considered port of Sicily and Europe.